Savasana is like Afterglow…

Well, kind of. It’s the closest description of it from my point of view. It almost feels like you’re in a lucid dream, but not asleep.  Of course, ask any yoga instructor, and they’ll probably  have a different view on it. But, that’s just me. It’s a big part of why I keep going back to class. Afterglow three or four times a week, with no one to have to kick out of the apartment afterwards? HELLO?!? HA!  On top of these crazy workouts in class, I’m ultimately paying for…silence and reflection. I’m paying $10-$12 a class to just be still. Think about it for a second…how often do you just sit alone in your apartment or house and just…be? Jesus, I sound like a Calvin Klein advertisement. Anyway, most of us don’t. We’re always so busy taking care of others, or have more important errands to tend to. This is why I’m always in class. As of right now, you’re not going to find me on the floor, reflecting on my life. I’ve got a dog and cat that always have their mouths open like baby birds, saying “I want food!”. I literally have to shut the door to the bathroom just to get some privacy around here. If not, I’d have two voyeurs in front of me.

Savasana, along with the Asana practice can be very powerful. It’s given me the opportunity to stop, and allow myself to overcome life changing events like:

  • Having a black eye for my housewarming party
  • The end of my relationship
  • The death of my mother
  • Being laid off from my job
  • Having to short sell my first home
  • Moving back to Los Angeles
Now, keep in mind, ALL of this happened in a span of a year and a few months. And some, within a few days of each other. Believe me, all of these will be touched on individually. Being on my mat, being surrounded by awesome people truly helped me let all of this go. Don’t get me wrong, you may look over during savasana and find me crying. But, that $12 class gives me time to be quiet, still.  It allows me to take time for myself and makes me think of how I can be happier despite my trials and “problems”. I always leave class smiling.
I’m not sure if people have “Savasana Fetishes”. Often times I’d sit up, reluctantly from Savasana, and think to myself…
Please sir, may I have another?